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At Fencing Unlimited, we value honesty. That’s why we will always provide honest, reliable, and expert feedback about the different fencing materials available. Check out the many different types of fencing material that we carry, as well as their pros and cons.


  Price Appearance Maintenance Security
Wood Wood fences are a classic and affordable option. They are usually less expensive than vinyl, composite, and metal fences. Wood fences offer versatility, as they can be painted or stained to match your home or property. Although less expensive than other fencing options, wood fences require more upkeep. Wood fences require regular staining or painting, and they are prone to wood rot and pests.  Wood fences can provide privacy, but they are not as secure as metal fences.


Vinyl Vinyl fencing can be expensive to install, but with less maintenance than a wood fence, they can save you money in the long run. This type of fencing can be a beautiful addition to any property. Vinyl fencing can also be customized to match your home or business. Vinyl fences are known for being low maintenance. They won’t splinter or rot, and they are easily cleaned. However, they can be damaged in storms and harsh weather. Similar to wood fencing, vinyl fencing can provide privacy, but it’s not the best option for high security.
Composite Composed of recycled materials, composite is a great eco-friendly fencing choice. However, it is typically costlier than vinyl and wood fencing options. As a manufactured material, composite fencing can be customized to match your personal style, and it can even be made to look like wood.  Composite fence boards are dense, making them less prone to cracking or chipping. They also need much less maintenance than wood and hold up well against weather. Because they are so customizable, composite fences can be built high enough to offer security to homes and businesses. 
Chain Link Chain link fences are the most affordable fencing option. They can be found almost anywhere because of their affordability and simple installation. Although it is affordable, chain link fencing is considered to be less aesthetically pleasing than other fencing options. There is also little room for customization with chain link fencing. Chain link fencing requires little to no maintenance and can last for many years. Chain link fences do not provide privacy. They also do not provide security, as they are very easy to climb over.
Metal Metal fences are the most expensive fencing option. Not only is the material costlier, but it can be more time-consuming to install, which increases the cost of labor. Metal fencing is well known for its beauty. Intricate detailing or simple modern designs can add appeal to any home or business. There is very little maintenance required for a metal fence. However, metal fencing can rust, which will require sanding and repainting. Metal fences are the best option when it comes to security. Used frequently in high-security areas, metal fences provide safety and peace of mind.

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